Proving Safety of Automated Driving Vehicles

Prof. Dr. Ichiro Hasuo
Director of Research Center for Mathematical Trust in Software and Systems
National Institute of Informatics – Tokyo, Japan

Ichiro Hasuo, Clovis Eberhart, James Haydon et al. Goal-Aware RSS for Complex Scenarios via Program Logic. IEEE Trans. Intelligent Vehicles, 8(4): 3040-3072 (2023).
James Haydon, Martin Bondu, Clovis Eberhart, Jérémy Dubut, Ichiro Hasuo: Formal Verification of Intersection Safety for Automated Driving. Proc. ITSC 2023: 107-114
Clovis Eberhart, Jérémy Dubut, James Haydon, Ichiro Hasuo: Formal Verification of Safety Architectures for Automated Driving. Proc. IV 2023: 1-8

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Automated Reasoning in Quantum Computing

Dr. Alfons Laarman
System Verification Lab (SVL) – Leiden University
Leiden, Netherlands

 Automated Synthesis: Fusing Formal Methods and AI

Dr. Priyanka Golia
Computer Science and Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi – New Delhi, India